Brain Gym 

"Depuis plusieurs bilans, la remarque « attention au soin et à l’écriture » revenait. 

Mon fils, 7 ans, avait en effet des difficultés à former des lettres lisibles et détachées. 

Je recherchais une solution pour l’aider à surmonter cette difficulté, et je pris donc rendez-vous chez Candice pour une séance de Brain Gym. 

Je ne connaissais pas la technique du braingym, j’avais juste lu sur internet que cela pouvait aider. Donc quand après 2 minutes de séance, j’entends mon fils parler football avec Candice et qu’il lui dit « je voudrais améliorer mon dribble » … Ouch j’étais venue pour l’écriture moi, pas le foot !!! Mais bon, c’est elle la pro, donc je ne dis rien. 

La séance se déroule et 2 jours après, un mot de la maitresse dans le cahier d’écriture de mon fils « Bravo, quel progrès ! Incroyable, continue comme ça ! » 

Depuis la séance (et les 21 jours d’exercices à la maison), l’écriture s’est vraiment améliorée, le soin également, et mon fils n’a plus de problème pour parler de cette difficulté ! "

"I had the pleasure to do a brain gym session with Candice. We focused on a particular habit I had. She was extremely confident and made me do several focused exercises during the session. She also requested me to continue at home and to do some personal exercises to fortify her work after the session. I must say the results came much quicker than I expected. After one week I could see and feel a great improvement on my philosophy, behavior and wellbeing. I was really astonished by the effectiveness of Candice and the way she applies the brain gym. With Candice, I discovered an amazing way to reach personal goals. I strongly recommend her practice and thank her for the great work she did for myself!."

"The Brain Gym session was very eye opening for me. I am familiar with conventional forms of therapy and NLP but this was like nothing I experienced before. The bio-feedback component was surprising and fantastic and worked very well because of Candice's experience and patient approach. She was very supportive and it worked fantastically for me. I highly recommend this therapy and the therapist! Looking forward to more."

"I consulted Candice to improve my ability to concentrate while reading. I had a hard time to stay focused for a long time and got distracted by different thoughts. I didn't have any expectations when seeing Candice but wanted to give it a try to experience a new method for me like Brain Gym. The outcome was amazing. I truly felt that the two sides of my brain were more connected after the exercises I did with Candice. I was able to stay focused again when reading, something that accelerated my reading time. I highly recommend Candice to anyone who wants to solve some issues they have and thereby improve their lives!."

"Going through a brain gym session with Candice was an amazing experience.I took the session when  I was in the middle of applying for jobs almost at the end of my MBA at IE Business School,Madrid and it definitely brought positive changes in me which helped me significantly in achieving my goals post MBA. Candice was really good at analyzing the root cause of my problem and solving it through this session.I would highly recommend people to take up a brain gym session with Candice."

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